• Our Family In Heaven

    As I laid down to sleep last night, I asked the Father to comfort my heart over the babies killed on Tuesday. I was ruminating about the fear and pain they experienced and couldn’t soothe my spirit. Though my grief was doable most of yesterday, I did unexpectedly cry in a client session over something seemingly unrelated. I just let the tears flow a minute, wiped my eyes and apologized.
    Grief is weird!

    I want to tell you what the Father said last night as He comforted me …
    “The babies are fine, they’re complete, they're whole" and added, "your babies are whole and complete". I thought, my babies? That perplexed me. Then God explained, “The family; the parents, the uncles & aunts, cousins and grandparents, and you, will experience the loss." He added, "All of society and all of the world will experience the loss of each of these children."

    The Father did not elaborate, but I knew what He meant. It explained my deep grief and loss.

    You see, we are corporate beings. We have the same Father and belong together. We're family! These family members cannot be replaced and today the world is not symbiotic! Here is a rough definition of symbiotic: 'an interaction between two unique human beings made for the blessing of each other'. Now in Heaven, these taken from us, don’t long or hurt or feel incomplete; but here, we are all at loss of the blessing.

    While God won’t rewrite this story, He promises to heal the effects it's had on us. If we will come to the Father through Jesus Christ, He promises to heal our broken hearts and put us back together again, this side of Heaven!

  • Going On With God

    Many years ago, through inner healing, I got to see my value to God outside of my achievements and failures. I learned that being me was not only enough for God to love me, but to actually like me (and not the fake like we've all had too much of). I'm often asked what I mean when I say, "I just like hanging around with God, I just do" and what I reply is this ... "Who doesn't like hanging out with people who like them, I know I do! I’ve learned to apologize to myself. In quiet times, I can feel my body chugging along sometimes from a day of sugar, caffeine, stress, not breathing right, being sedentary too long, etc. What God has made is so incredible; our body, heart, spirit, mind ... I apologize for not always giving myself the care I deserve. God understands. Since I’ve come to know how much He cares about me, I’ve really gotten on board with that. I watch what my Father does and then I do that.

    I teach a lot on what God does do to bring healing to the human spirit ... now let me tell you what God does not do. This is NOT how God prepares a heart for healing. He does NOT bring pain, though He may allow it. And though He may allow just enough to turn our heart to Him, He will never crush or break the human spirit. This is NOT Gods way. James 3:11 tell us this; God can do no evil. However, way too often this is man’s way of trying to lead us to God the Father. Leaders, please be careful what you teach. Inside every living thing is a personal spirit breathed in by God Himself; it's what makes us alive. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit that takes residence inside our personal spirit when we invite Him.

    Authenticity is not simply some nice moral principle that we self-will, it’s a spiritual condition that first requires being known by God. It’s the only way to look into our own heart without detesting it. It’s honoring to God when we live out of our authenticity, in other words, be our self.

    God never planned to remake humanity, but to restore it.

    He came to restore. To "restore" means to return something back to its original design. God did not send Jesus to make a new version of humanity or rewrite our history.

    The most significant thing inner healing accomplishes is restoring trust in God as a Father. People scar each other, but we often don't know who else to blame.

    Opening our heart is what God is all about because we don't like being known in our inner man. Our fear is He will reject us. But be perfectly clear, God doesn't crack hearts, He restores them. You see, we crack each other, and we have a lot of shame around that.


    "We wear His name, but are we going on with God?  If you are, be clear He intends to deal with your soul.."

                                                                                                                         Oswald Chambers

    The most significant thing inner healing accomplishes is restoring trust in our Heavenly Father that broke due to human trespass. Living breaks everyone’s heart. No one is getting out of here unscathed by sin. We have no idea until we desire to be known, how distant our Christian hearts are from His.

    If the Cross fulfilled all that righteousness demanded, why do we continue to go round and round with the same sins and destructive life patterns? Well, what if the Cross was something that had to be applied, like a salve, to sin and behavior patterns? Because while the mind can believe this very truth, the heart can still retain the lie that God did not in fact do what He said He did. Since sin is produced in the heart, how can we apply the Cross of Christ to the heart?  By coming to it. But we’re not taught how to come to the Cross, where we still are required to confess and repent of sin and forgive trespassers too. That is what breaks off the continued reaping, of what’s buried in the heart, not the mind.

    I desperately needed the healing model I now provide for others. It was nowhere to be found. Followed by years of training, I learned from God I was to be a forerunner in my area. With no idea about the cost of a prophet in her own land, when my Father said go I said ok. It was the most naive, best decision, I ever made! It's been my privilege to meet believers in the trenches of trauma because I get to hang so close to my Father there. And so often, that's what it really takes to let Him close to us. You know, it wasn't until I fell from my religious pedestal into the trenches myself that I could recognize my own spiritual depletion. I was doing everything right and I knew a lot about God but I was unable to let God know me.

    I was the epitome of a Christian without any real need for a Father.

    We need to know that our Father saw everything, knows everything and that we can trust Him. We need to know that He was there and that nothing has been unaccounted for, that no injustice has slipped past Him. There are pieces in our history that can feel so depleted, devoid and defiled but God was always there. While He won't rewrite our history, He promises to heal it's effects and redeem our rightful inheritance of safe love.

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