"Janet has a gift. I hired Janet for approximately 6 weeks. I saw her in the beginning in hopes she'd be able to "fix" me. Janet did me one better, she built me a bridge to Jesus. Janet has an ability to connect through prayer work and intuition. Janet's practice peels away the layers to the core and mends the heart God intended us to have. I recommend Janet Tatum to anyone looking for a professional who is living their calling." A.R. client


"The true genius of Janet’s work is her inherent ability, capacity and intellect of her teaching and how she helps you transcend your mindset and belief for fuller and much deeper healing! She truly loves her work … she will take you on a journey of love, healing and true relationship with the Father … she is gifted!" J.A. client

“Feeling safe is coming out from behind the self inflicted walls of loneliness and imprisonment that ultimately kept God out too. That was the supreme loneliness of the spirit.” C.T. client

“I’m so tired of holding up my walls when all I ever wanted to do was to let people in. Boundaries are good. That word is still foreign to me. I had the head knowledge of boundaries, read the books, but didn’t know there was a difference between boundaries and walls. I didn’t know how to keep my heart safe. That is what prayer counseling does, the Lord took down my walls one self inflicting brick at a time.” E.I. client

"Thanks for yesterday's session- it was life changing for the me- the past few days and the past few months. The healing that God is doing is amazing!!! I can honestly say that going through this pain has been worth it- every second of pain worth the joy of the knowing my husband's beautiful heart and soul, and knowing and understanding myself and the reasons for my pain and my decisions in life." J.V. client

"Somehow I thought if I just could lead this outer life of 'being good' then I could make my parents happy, make God happy and live happily ever after. But when the sins got bigger and bigger and the rebelliousness grew there was such a divide inside of me of who I thought I was and who I actually was. It is so freeing and refreshing to truly 'get' that I am simply God's imperfect child and that He loves me unconditionally."T.F.

"I was reading my devotion today and this reminded me of you and your ministry: 'The lasting characteristic of a spiritual woman is the ability to understand correctly the meaning of the Lord Jesus Christ in her life and the ability to explain the purposes of God to others. The overruling passion of her life is Jesus Christ. When you see this quality in a person you get the feeling that she is truly a woman after God's own heart.  God bless you Janet!”  P.C. client

“When I heard you speak at a women’s conference I really heard God speaking to me and nudging me to contact you, but I didn't. And you know how when He nudges gently and we still don't act on it … well He finally had to bowl me over. Humbling for sure but in many ways I've never been happier than I am today as God healed the buried shame and grief of my childhood. I never believed I could feel this free. Thanks Janet!” J.J. client

“I am excited. Ever since Foundational Lies teaching there has been a bursting forth of truth that I am reveling in. New possibilities are occurring at rapid speed. It has  been less than twelve hours. It is like there is a new spring that is now able to flow into the main river of my life. New vision to see. A new pair of glasses.” A.H. client

“I invite you to awesome teachings on forgiveness, healing, relationships, God the Father, the Cross, etc by Janet Tatum. I've been going to her various, Godly teachings for the last few months. She is wonderful!” M.D., Client

"I learned to trust my Father and feel happy in the knowledge that He is taking the best care of me and my children. I am truly at awe for His presence in my life! I chipped a little wall and His Light is shining in and warming my heart. Thank you Janet Tatum for helping me chip that wall.” N.M., Client

"I remember when you shared with me that God’s healing isn’t about making something broken ‘good enough’ to work, but about freeing us from it’s power so it no longer rules us. I've carried that all along, those words are imbedded in my heart. I love you my friend and I hope you can see how far the Lord has brought me in my calling." D.P., client

"I really liked when you said 'Yes, Jesus completed the work at the Cross but there’s reasons we aren’t able to appropriate this completed work in our flesh.' Thank you so much for your faithfulness Janet to teach this over and over and over. J.S. attendee

"The class reminded me of how much more freedom and love I have now in certain relationships because of the judgements I gave to God during my time of healing last year. I also see how God prepared me for class when I had to have a really tough talk with my son that felt hopeless. He showed me what needs to be done through what I learned. It is not "fixed" yet, but it is a work in progress that is filled with hope now." S.S. class attendee

"Feeling safe is coming out from behind the self inflicted walls of loneliness and imprisonment but ultimately the loneliness of keeping God out. I do not know the full meaning of safe in the Father's arms yet but each life changing step I make towards God's healing brings me closer. I have never been this way before." D.H. client

"I can cry now and I can feel safe to be angry (which scares me sometimes how much I have). I'm still embracing emotions from a life time of stuffing that I can finally lay down at the Cross. My heart is light, my burdens lifted and I can embrace my Daddy God's loving arms.” N.V., client


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